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Having tough conversations isn't fun for anyone, and when they go wrong, relationships are damaged, and the problem that’s being addressed doesn’t get solved. This makes many leaders avoid these conversations, reducing their team’s effectiveness and their own success. Fortunately, you can quickly learn to rise in these challenging interactions so the problem will be solved, while trust and respect increase. This workshop will help you get there!

During this rapid-fire skill building (and fun!) virtual or live presentation, Change Management Authority and Communication aficionado Anne Bonney will ignite your courage for these conversations so you can have productive difficult dialogue when you need to. Empowered with the spark to start the dialogue on the right foot, you’ll also learn a structure to keep the exchange moving in a constructive direction, and she will teach you an approach for rescuing the conversation before it turns into a towering inferno! Once you put these techniques into play, motivation will crackle, collaboration will sizzle and a culture of positive accountability will blaze hot within your organization.


Immediately impact your culture to one of accountability and engagement, increasing productivity and ultimately results

Reduce problem behaviors and conflict while improving individual attitudes and team motivation

Leadership that entices people to listen and follow through


"Anne made my event GREAT! She is enthusiastic, professional and passionate! She engages the audience with laughter and fun, along with a great message. I feel like I made a new friend!"

Tina Bradley

Executive Assistant and Meeting Planner at Rock Ventures LLC

Anne Makes It Easy

Anne strives to make everything easy for you to help make your event a raging success, and hopefully make you laugh along the way. See link below for publicity photos, speaker bio, AV needs, and topic descriptions. 



Anne Bonney’s debut book: GET OVER IT! 47 Tips for Embracing the Discomfort of Change.

We all know change is hard and very uncomfortable. Anne gives you 47 practical tips to help you get through whatever change you’re dealing with (and one bonus tip, because we need all the help we can get!). Whatever change you’re tackling, whether it’s changing jobs, moving to a new place, changing the way you communicate with your co-workers, or any other change, this book will help you get through it with a smile on your face. It’s fast, it’s fun and it doesn’t sugar coat it, so GET OVER IT and GET ON WITH IT! What are you waiting for?

Buying for a group? Send us a bulk order request to purchase 20+ books.

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