Change is Here to Stay

Anne will Ignite Your Team's COURAGE to Embrace It

Your team is doing work that MATTERS, 

But they are going through constant change, and it is not COMFORTABLE!

This leads to frustration, anger, OVERWHELM …and a whole fruit cocktail of other negative emotions. (WHICH SUCKS…and gets in the way of productivity, engagement and motivation!)

That's where ANNE COMES IN!

She's like a shot of espresso mixed with an encyclopedic knowledge on leading teams through change (and a packet of pop rocks!!)

Which means:

"Absolutely loved it. The content was challenging and relevant, the breakout rooms had enough time, it was engaging and fun, and the content wasn't laced with toxic positivity. It felt real and applicable and honest"

2021 Change Management Workshop Participant 


Looking for a live or virtual keynote presenter who will have your group, laughing while learning and talking about your event for months? Look no further. Anne’s power packed program is just what you need.


Effective training is essential to building a competent and capable workforce. Anne’s live and virtual programs inspire you and your team to embrace the uncomfortable and ignite courage in the face of change.



Anne Bonney’s debut book: GET OVER IT! 47 Tips for Embracing the Discomfort of Change.

We all know change is hard and very uncomfortable. Anne gives you 47 practical tips to help you get through whatever change you’re dealing with (and one bonus tip, because we need all the help we can get!). Whatever change you’re tackling, whether it’s changing jobs, moving to a new place, changing the way you communicate with your co-workers, or any other change, this book will help you get through it with a smile on your face. It’s fast, it’s fun and it doesn’t sugar coat it, so GET OVER IT and GET ON WITH IT! What are you waiting for?

Buying for a group? Send us a bulk order request to purchase 20+ books.



Anne regularly posts new videos on her channel from Keynotes, podcasts, testimonials, etc.  Check out Anne's videos.


Anne's weekly podcast ignites your courage to embrace the discomforts of life and get the best from yourself and others. Check out the Igniting Courage podcast.


Anne regularly posts new articles on her blog for you to read, link, share and learn! Check out Anne's Blog.

Tailored for you

Your audience has unique needs and challenges. Anne will work with you to customize the live or virtual keynote or training to be sure it is exactly what they need.

Dealing with Change?

Whether it’s change within the organization or personal evolution, change is uncomfortable. Anne will ignite their fire to leap into that discomfort with sword drawn, ready to move through it with confidence. 

» See Change Management Keynote / Workshop

Great Leaders Get Results

Are the leaders in your organization inspiring their teams to do their best work?  If not, Anne can work with them to amp up connection, motivation, engagement and the bottom line!

» See Effective Communication Keynote / Workshop

Got Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is one of the key indicators of success in the workplace.  Be sure your team and especially your leaders know what it is and are always working on it.  Anne can get them started, or meet them where they are now, and take them to the next level.

» See Emotional Intelligence Keynote / Workshop

Got Influence?

Connecting with other humans seems to be a lost art these days, making those who can do it fabulously influential. In order to be effective as an entrepreneur, with customers, or as a leader within an organization, (or just as a human being) we need to know how to connect, and that takes courage. Anne’s got you here too!

» See Influential Leadership Keynote / Workshop


Look high and low and you won’t find another live or virtual presenter who can ignite your audience like this.


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Anne and John Maxwell


Praise for Anne Bonney’s Signature Keynote and Training.

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Kari Korrell (1)

"Anne was everything we asked for and more! She engaged and energized the crowd and, at the same time, connected with them on their level. She delivered a laughter-filled keynote address with a powerful message. I loved how she spoke about an important topic and brought new incite relevant to our conference theme. Fantastic! Our chapter couldn’t be happier!"

Kari Korell

HR Director 
"Anne led a full-day virtual seminar for our team during the COVID-19 Pandemic. She did a tremendous job of tailoring the different trainings to the time at hand while also being evergreen. Our team loved her energy and relatability. She is definitely top of our list for future trainings (hopefully in person!)"

Tracey Thompson

Lead Office Manager at All Points PR
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MCCT Certified

Some of Anne's Awesome Audiences

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